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In a blend of crystal-clear, Nordic melancholy and dusty Americana, Antonio Dayyani invites you to his unorthodox jazz universe filled with stories of melodies and delicate sound-textures.


Antonio Dayyani (2000) is a young drummer and composer from Aarhus, Denmark, who's already been highly acclaimed by radio-hosts and critics for his ability to create in a completely personal and unique style. In September 2024, his second studio-album “TROP OP” (translated: “STEP UP”) will be released on copenhagen-based April Records, who’ve built an incredible roster of Danish jazz-artists such as Little North, Nana Rashid, Kresten Osgood, Rasmus Sørensen, & OTOOTO. This album is an encouragement to “step up” for one another and to share yourself with the world.


“As the show was advancing, the audience was overwhelmed by the fine balance of Nordic folk-tone and dusty Americana” - Side33


“Unique sounding band” - JAZZNYT


When playing live, Antonio Dayyani brings his sextet, consisting of some of the most promising musicians from his hometown Aarhus:

Antonio Dayyani: drums

Harald Hagelskjær: double bass

Cahlo Heyman Krill: guitars

Magnus Munk Tækker: pedal steel guitar

Jon Askjær: Trumpet/flugelhorn

Andrea Maagaard: piano

Contact / Booking:
+45 42 73 86 85
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